Monday, 19 August 2013

Product Review - Gatineau Purifying Almond Cleanser

Evening Everyone,

I've been tweaking my blog a bit over the past few days, I hope you like the new look. I'm so indecisive when it comes to choosing a layout, I seem to change my mind every day about what looks good!

Today I thought I'd review a skincare product that I've been getting quite a lot of use out of lately; the Gatineau Purifying Almond Cleanser. This product aims to 'melt away' impurities whilst removing make-up and re-balancing oily to combination skins. In other words, it's a big multi-tasker and I have been favouring it over my other cleansers recently in a big way.

If you have read my previous posts then you'll know that I have quite oily skin, and in general I stay away from creamy cleansers in favour of gel formulas as I find them more drying. This one is the exception, as despite its creamy formula it hasn't caused me any skin problems and it feels really luxurious and soft on the skin. I have been using this in the evenings before bed and find it really cleansing and refreshing, particularly after a long day.

One downside of this cleanser is the smell- it is scented with almond, although it struck me as being quite a strong, sweet marzipan smell. Personally I am not a marzipan fan and I was really put off by the smell at first, but I have persevered with this as I do think it's a great product that removes my make-up easily and leaves my skin feeling really clean and soft. 

I also really love the packaging- it's smart and simple, and despite knowing that this product probably doesn't offer any ground-breaking benefits I would repurchase it just for the treat-factor of having it sat on my bathroom shelf.

Gatineau was originally a French brand and can be purchased here for a pricey £35, but you get a free toner too! Also available on QVC and elsewhere online.

Have you tried any Gatineau products?

Rosie x


  1. I'm soo pleased to see Gatineau mentioned - it's one of my favourite skin care brands!!! I know it's a it pricey but their products are amazing. I've tried several of their serums, the 7 day cure (have a review of it on my blog), neck cream and moisturisers - not this product though. I love Clarins and Caudalie cleansers, but this sounds yummy so think it will go on list of things to try :o)

    1. I am really enjoying using this product so am definitely considering adding to my collection! Is there anything from their range you'd particularly recommend?

      Thanks for your comment and for following me, I really enjoyed reading your blog and will certainly be back soon!

      Rosie x

  2. Thanks for the review, really helpful!

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