Monday, 22 July 2013

Insanity or the Next Big Thing??

Hi Everyone!
I am not master at putting on nail polish, and for me there is nothing more annoying than trying to tidy up my messy application with a bit of polish remover and a cotton bud, only to discover I have cotton fluff stuck to my newly painted nails!
I was a little bit intrigued, therefore, when I spotted this product nestled amongst the MUA shelves in Superdrug:
Also available in other colours...

This is a product from MUA  released earlier this year that claims to be bang on trend by offering fluffy, textured nails (below- please note these are MUA's images and not my own).

The desired effect- see Anna's blog for a real review :)

Now, I am all for an exciting nail effect. I was all over the croc effect, loved the nail studs, confetti, sequin, magnetic, bejewelled etc etc etc.... But I feel that maybe this fur effect is an effect too far and bordering on just plain wrong (plus it looks like it would be reeeeally messy!).

I read a review of these 'fluffy nails' on this blog: 
Life of A Fashion Nerd Guest Post - Kel which further confirmed my fears that it is, indeed, super messy, and I am just not sure I have the patience to carry it off. Whereas Kel claims she liked the overall effect, I think I would be constantly picking at loose fibers and I would end up with threadbare, fluff-free nails.

Unfortunately, this is one trend I think I will be giving a miss!

What do you think of the fur effect nails? Have you tried the MUA product? Let me know!

Rosie x


  1. I saw a Sally Hansen version of the "fuzzy" nail polish, and I was just as skeptical as you! Thanks for the post...I'll let you know if I do end up buying it! :)


    Sarah xx

  2. I LOVE thesee! The finish is just fantastic, I now have all the colours <3

  3. Aw, I think they look cute! They look like candy floss stuck to your nails though, I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing?! xx

  4. I actually quite like it - I've tried both Ciate and MUA and if you go with darker colors, it's not as impractical as you might think. Fait enough after about 1.5 days the effect is less perfect, but it's a fun thing to try every now and then.