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Holiday Beauty Post

Hi Everyone!
I've been wanting to do a post on some of my holiday beauty favourites ever since I got back from my trip to Italy, but just haven't managed to find the time until now- so here it is! These are some of the products that I took away with me and have been really impressed with- I'd love to hear about yours as well, so leave me a comment if you have any recommendations!

I am naturally quite fair-skinned and getting a bit of a tan whilst I'm away is a big part of my holiday agenda. However, I could never be a slave to the sun-lounger as I get bored too quickly, and also I always slap on plenty of sun-cream as I know how damaging the sun's rays can be in the long term. Before I went away this time I invested in sun lotion and after-sun from Solait which is Superdrug's own brand of suncare products. I was particularly keen to buy the two pictured below, as the after-sun contains a subtle self-tanner to enhance your natural tan, and the lotion itself contains 'tan activating' ingredients to boost your skins natural melanin production. I used the lotion in a variety of different factors whilst I was away, didn't burn at all and even managed to catch quite a good tan considering, so overall I was really happy with these products. I have since done some reading which suggests that Solait and Soltan (the own-brand suncare products) do not have great UVB filters in them which is slightly worrying, but all I can say is that they did the job really well for me on this trip and I definitely felt I picked up a better colour than usual.

As well as after-sun I also like to use a really nourishing moisturiser to rehydrate my skin when I'm away. I love this one from Garnier as it is a really light, gel formula that melts into the skin almost instantly and it smells absolutely divine and peachy. I have been using this product every day since I got home to prevent peeling and it has been working like a charm!

Finally, I also use this gorgeous shimmer oil from Champneys in the evenings to set off my tan. I use this product a lot and I am running a bit low at the moment so apologies for the tatty packing in this photo. This product gives a really nice, warm shimmer to the skin that perfectly complements a tan, and also feels very luxurious on the skin. I like to use it especially on my legs, shoulders and decolletage. It can be a little messy though so I always make sure I keep it well-wrapped up in my suitcase in case it leaks! I've included a photo of the product on, but this is without blending fully and it is actually much more subtle than the photo suggests.

As well as looking after my skin, I also am sure to use an oil on the ends of my hair whilst I'm away to prevent it from drying out. I really love this Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil from Organix (£6.99) as it is more of an oil-based serum than just being purely an oil, so is not as messy to apply and feels a lot nicer in my opinion. I use this on wet hair every time I wash it, or just on the ends during the day if they are feeling a little dry. So many products at the moment contain Moroccan Argan Oil but I have been using this product for years and I still think that it's my favourite. I also bought these eye makeup remover pads (£1.50) from Boots before I went away to help me get rid of any stubborn eye makeup before bed. I am not a huge fan of make-up wipes and much prefer to use a good cleanser, toner and exfoliator, but sometimes I find this isn't enough to get rid of all traces of make-up, which is why I got these. They are quite oily I found but are very gentle on skin and did a good job of removing all of my makeup (including stubborn mascara), so as a bargain product I would recommend them!

Makeup-wise I tend to wear very little during the day whilst I'm on holiday, and this Garnier BB cream was definitely my go-to product. It feels so light but actually gives reasonably good coverage, so perfect for me as I have an uneven skin tone and generally prefer a fuller coverage. This is the version for oily skin, which unfortunately I do suffer from, and I found that despite days spent in direct sunlight, on the beach and wandering around the town this BB cream actually lasted out really well.

In the evenings I would get a bit more dressed up and I love using the Estee Lauder Doublewear foundation. This is a fantastic product as it really does last out and gives a wonderful, matte finish. I have been a convert to this for sometime now, and I use the shade 'Tawny' in summer which is a bit darker than my normal colour. It's quite easy to get carried away with this foundation and apply too much, but in reality you only need a small drop and it goes a long way (which is just as well given that it's £28.50 for 30ml!). This is my foundation of choice in the evenings on holiday as the coverage is full but it still looks fresh and very natural.

I also have been using my Bobbi Brown Sheer Finish Pressed Powder a LOT on holiday (£25) in Pale Yellow, as this is a great setting powder and useful for top-ups if you're getting a bit sweaty and your makeup is streaming down your face. This powder is very light in colour to the point of being almost translucent, which means that it never leaves your makeup looking cakey or overdone.

And of course, no summer makeup bag is complete without a good bronzer! I have raved about this Chanel bronzer before so will not go into it too much here, but this was a definite holiday favourite for me and the colour it just brilliant as it can be built up to be as subtle or Tamara-Eccleston-bronzed as you like!
I also loved using this shimmer brick from George at Asda no less! I have had this product for donkeys years and I actually think it is really nice for a bit of subtle highlighting- definitely not one for all over as it can be quite full on! I used this on my cheekbones and decolletage to add a bit of shimmer, and for £3.50 it is a great bargain product! 

My favourite holiday lip products would involve a protective sunscreen lipbalm during the day like this one from No.7, a bright, fun coral lipstick like MAC's Costa Chic (£14), and a subtle gloss that could be dressed up or down like this one from YSL (£22.50). The lipbalm has a subtle shimmer and also doubles up as sun protection for your eye area! My lips tend to get very dry in the sun and this does a great job of protecting them.

As for my lipsticks, I bought Costa Chic quite recently for the first time and it has fast become one of my favourites. The colour is quite a muted coral and not too in-you-face, whilst still managing to be wonderfully summery. I have been wearing it for work since I've come back from holiday and have received lots of compliments on it! The assistant in MAC told me it is one of her favourites to throw on when you're not really bothering with a full face of makeup as it feels like it's all you need and I would definitely agree with that! As for the lipgloss, this is a YSL Vernis a Levres in number 19 Beige Aquarelle- I love this as it is a really natural, pinky shade which just enhances your natural lip colour and looks great over a pinky lipstick or on it's own.

On my eyes, one of my favourites is this dual eyeliner in Black Sands from Estee Lauder's Bronze Goddess collection (£21). These liquid eyeliners are brilliant because they are waterproof and really long lasting, with a precision tip applicator. There are two colours- a very dark black and a bronze-gold. I especially love the black as it is a very pure, deep black and won't fade like some of the others I've tried. These two colours work brilliantly together or individually and I've been really impressed by them.

Finally, no matter how great the makeup, you need the right tools to really make it work. I found this mini Kabuki brush in Topshop (£8) a few weeks ago and knew straight away that I just had to have it as it's perfect for my holiday makeup bag! The brush is about 4 inches long so will fit comfortably into most makeup bags. It is slightly angled, which is great for even application and I really like the pink colour of the handle and bristles. I have been using this pretty much permanently since I bought it and I find it every bit as good as my normal foundation brush (the Real Techniques stippling brush).

So, these are my essential beauty products for my summer holidays! Phew, it feels like this has been a bit of a long post so I hope you've enjoyed it.

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Enjoy the rest of your weekends, 

Rosie x

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