Friday, 26 July 2013

Babylips Review!

Hi Everyone!

I am really excited about my post today, as I am reviewing my new purchases from the Maybelline 'Babylips' collection! I have heard so much hype about these little beauties from so many different bloggers that I had to try them out for myself and see what all the fuss was about.

I rarely bulk buy on new products in case I decide I don't like them but there was so much buzz around these that I invested in 3. I bought them from the Boots website at £2.99 each (although they are currently having a 3 for 2 offer on Maybelline products so I got one free!). There are six balms in the collection overall: Hydrate, Intense Care, Freshen, Cherry Me, Pink Punch and Peach Kiss. Maybelline say of the balm 'Our exclusive formula moisturises lips for a full 8 hours. Lips renewed in 1 week'. I am a bit obsessed with using lipbalms throughout the day but as yet haven't found a tinted balm that I really love for everyday use. I was really excited to try these and hoped that they would turn out to be the miracle balms I've been looking for!

I bought the Pink Punch, Peach Kiss and Hydrate balm from the collection. Pink Punch and Peach Kiss are two tinted balms with a 'passion fruit' scent and 'peach' scent respectively, whereas the Hydrate balm is non-tinted with a 'lemon basil' scent. I was especially keen to get the Peach Kiss balm for the peachy tint, which would probably most closely resemble the type of lipsticks that I normally buy.

Peach Kiss comes in a cute purple case with a clear lid- the packaging is fairly standard for a lipbalm but is perfect to throw into your handbag (which is exactly what I've been doing!). The tint itself is quite a brown peach with shimmering particles to give your lips high shine. The colour is really subtle and not quite as peachy as I was expecting, but it is nice for everyday use. If you are a lipstick fan then this one probably isn't for you, as I didn't find the colour particularly buildable and the overall effect is very natural. On the plus side, it did leave my lips feeling gloriously soft all through the day.

I wanted to pick up the Hydrate balm as I was really keen on the description of a 'lemon basil' scent. I haven't ever had a lemony lip balm before and the combination made me think of high end fragrances like Jo Malone, so I knew I had to try it. Although it isn't a tinted balm, it still has quite a high-shine effect to it which I really like, and again it left my lips feeling beautifully soft. It also has a high SPF (it is SPF 20) which is important in this heatwave we've been having!

Finally, the Pink Punch, which actually turned out to be my favourite of the three. All of the Babylips balms that I bought have a delicious, fruity scent and this one kind of reminded me of Fruit Salad sweets. The colour, although it looks quite vibrant, goes on as a beautiful pink gloss that is quite buildable and super shiny, without being overpowering. As with the others, the moisturising effect lasts all day and this one has already wormed its way into my current makeup bag favourites.
Overall, the babylips balms have been a hit. Although initially put off by the bright colour of the product itself, Pink Punch has certainly exceeded my expectations and I'm now keen to try the Cherry Me colour as well. The product has definitely made a difference to my lips which feel moisturised and full, although I will be interested to see whether their 1 week promise really works. In any case, at £2.99 each I would definitely buy Babylips again, although I think I'm fairly well-stocked for now!
Have you tried any of the Babylips balms? What did you think?
Rosie x

From Left to Right: Hydrate, Peach Kiss, Pink Punch



  1. I have yet to try these but I am the same I like to have a bit of colour when I am using lip balm and nothing has beat my trusty rose tinted vaseline but the pink punch look so nice, I might try the Cherry one as well! Great post :)

    Dawn x

  2. I really didnt want to buy into all of the hype for these after all it is only a lip balm! but i have to say i think i'm going to cave and buy peach punch, I absolutely adore the fruit salad sweets! lovely review :)
    Sam X

  3. I've heard a LOT about these, and now I'm desperate to try them haha. I love your pictures of them, very detailed post :) xxx

  4. I'm loving Pink Punch too. I'd even compare it to Revlon lip butter in Strawberry Shortcake. and you've pin pointed the scent! thank you!! I've been trying to figure it out myself.

    I've nominated you for a Liebster Award over on my blog!

    Love Em xxx

  5. A really dependable review, great blog + posts :)
    Thank you for visiting my blog too.


    1. Thanks Alice! I enjoyed reading your blog too, I hope you'll be back soon :)

      Rosie x