Monday, 15 July 2013

HD Brows

Hi Everyone!

So, I've been meaning to do a post about my HD Brow treatment for a while now and just never seem to get round to it! My eyebrows are a constant source of frustration in my beauty routine and although I think they look OK I definitely have a bit of a love-hate thing going on with them.

A few months ago I decided to get my first ever HD Brow treatment for my cousin's wedding to bring my brows back into line after a long period of over-plucking. I chose to have the treatment done at 'iBrows etc' by Marble Arch tube station in Central London, as they were offering a reduced price of £40 (15% off the standard price, apparently). I booked the treatment at short notice and iBrows etc were fantastic with scheduling my appointment and contacting me via email and phone to confirm.

On arriving, I was pleasantly surprised with the salon, which is on a lovely quiet street with lots of boutique shops and other posh-looking salons. My eyebrow therapist was called Argy and she was so sweet and explained the treatment's 7-step process really well.

Basically, the seven steps of the HD treatment are as follows:
- Preparation and Assessment
- Eyebrow tinting
- Eyebrow waxing
- Eyebrow trimming
- Eyebrow threading
- Eyebrow tweezing
- Finish

They start by taking a 'before' photo and talking to you about your eyebrow shape, the colour you would like etc, and analysing your face to decide upon your ideal brow shape. Then they apply a tint to give your brows better definition. The typical HD Brow seems to be quite dark in colour but I asked for just a shade darker than my hair and Argy took this on board and didn't make my brows too dark (I think they make your brows look very artificial, but this is just a personal preference!).

She then did some delicate waxing under my brow arch and in my middle section, before using the special HD brow scissors to trim hair into shape and get rid of any straggly, long brow hairs. Argy then used the threading technique to do the more delicate brow-shaping, including above the brow. I am always very nervous to tweeze above my brow as it seems to be one of the cardinal sins of brow-shaping, but when I asked Argy about it she jokingly told me "You're not allowed to, but I am!". I guess it's one of those things you should just leave to the professionals!

Finally, she tweezed whatever other hair she could find (I was starting to worry I'd have nothing left by this point!) and she started filling in my sparser areas with the HD brow powder to achieve the finished look.

I'm including my Before and After photos for you to see the finished look. Overall, I did see a real difference with the treatment and was really glad that I went for it (plus Argy was lovely and so helpful!). However, £40 is a lot to spend on your brows and the salon immediately tried to schedule me in for another appointment in 4 weeks time, which I thought was a bit much. Although I enjoyed the experience and was pleased with the results I don't think this is a treatment that I would get done on a regular basis- once you have it done once it creates the template for you to work from and you can pretty much take it from there yourself. Plus, as my brows were heavily over-plucked there was not really a lot for Argy to work with, so I would definitely recommend letting them grow out a bit prior to the treatment.



I don't know if this is standard practice, but the iBrows etc salon also gave me a 'Brow Card' to take home with me which detailed the products that had been used, recommended purchases and also a detailed sketch of my brows and where I should (and more importantly, should NOT) be plucking. This has made it a lot easier for me to recreate the look myself at home, and despite the fact that the original treatment was a few months ago I am still pretty happy with my brows and feel as though I have a much better understanding now of the shape and the kind of look I am trying to create. I've let my brows grow out a lot more now and I think the shape looks loads better for it!

All in all, a positive experience with a great HD Brows salon. I would definitely consider returning there for another HD Brow treatment if I felt my brows had lost their original shape or were starting to look a bit sorry for themselves.

Have any of you tried HD Brows? What did you think, I'd love to hear!

Rosie x


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