Tuesday, 25 June 2013

How Much Does Your Face Cost???

Hi All!
So, I read this post on Hayley Walker's blog (teapartybeauty.blogspot.co.uk) daring readers to list all of their facial products in a single day and how much they cost. I am a nosy sort and really enjoyed reading Hayley's post (her face costs over £200!) and decided to have a go myself to see if I came in higher or lower than Hayley. I am much more of a big spender on my make-up than my skincare regime, but the two combined could well come in over Hayley's total- I can think of a few things already that are going to push the numbers up! So, here goes...

Skin Prep:
Clean and Clear Exfoliating Daily Wash (Oil Free) - £2.99
Witch Anti-Blemish Skin Clearing Primer - £6.99

Total - £9.98 (So far, so good!)

Face/ Base:
MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation in NW20 - £20.50
Benefit Erase Paste in Medium - £19.50
MUA Pro Concealer Kit in Natural - £3.50

Total - £43.50 (I actually do not think this is too bad- although later on in the day I did apply some of my Bobbi Brown Sheer Finish Pressed Powder which pushed the amount up by £24.00!)

GOSH Eye Brow Kit - £8.49
Eylure Shape and Shade Eyebrow Pencil and Tamer - £5.39

Total - £13.88 (I did also use my awesome Bare Minerals Brow Brush which cost £10.00... over £20 on my eyebrows does seem a little extreme...)

Natural Collection Duo Eyeshadow in Mink and Sable - £1.99
MAC Pro Longwear Eyeliner in Black Ice - £16.50
Rimmel Scandaleyes Kohl Kajal Eyeliner Nude - £3.99
NYC Big & Bold Curling Mascara - £3.99
Maybelline Mascara Falsies Very Black - £7.99

Total - £34.46 (considering I'm going for a 'natural eye' today that actually seems quite expensive!)

Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel Bronzing Makeup Base - £31.00
Natural Collection Blushed Cheeks in Pink Cloud - £1.99

Total - £32.99 (Bit of a contrast between the two products there!)

Blistex Medplus Repairing - £2.59
Too Faced La Creme in Naked Dolly - £18.00

Total - £20.59 (this is one of my pricier lipsticks but I love it so it's worth every penny!)

Grand Total - £155.40 (or £179.40 if you count the pressed powder I added later!)
Amazingly, it is quite a bit cheaper than I expected!! I'm actually pleased with this as I always thought I was a big spender on make-up but maybe I'm not so bad after all. However, looking back over the list there are a LOT of products there for one day's wear, so I'm lucky that it ended up costing less than Hayley's total in all! Also, it may have ended up being a different story if I'd included hair products, make-up brushes etc...

Why don't you have a go and let me know how much your face costs?!?

Rosie x


  1. Great post, I am so nosey so really enjoyed reading this. I may set myself a challenge of getting a make up face I am happy with for under £150 as my results shocked me.

    I love the difference between your cheek products, it's amazing how high street can match high end :)

    Hayley - Teapartybeauty.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Thanks Hayley! I really enjoyed reading your post so thanks for taking the time to have a look at mine! I have never used any Bobbi Brown skincare products (I think I've always been put off by the price tag!), are they any good?

      I am still pretty new to this blogging game so if you've got any tips for me I'd love to hear them! :)

      Rosie x