Sunday, 16 June 2013

New Blog!!!

Hi Everyone!

If you are new to my blogs, my name's Rosie and I am a self-confessed beauty junkie. This is my new, improved blog and I'm really excited to get started sharing some of my favourite new products and beauty looks with you, as well as hearing all about yours.

I've been a bad blogger in the past and haven't been too regular with my posts, but all that is about to change!! Since getting an iPhone it has completely changed my life and the best thing is it means I can update my blog on the go- a lazy girl's dream!

Just to tell you a bit about me, I am 25 and currently living the dream in London (sort of?!), working for a digital media company and blogging in my spare time. I like Gin & Tonic, wearing flip-flops all year round and pretty much any fantasy/adventure films- I'm in love with Narnia films especially, but mostly am forced to watch crime or action thrillers these days since I moved in with my boyfriend [sigh]!

Right, that's enough about me for now! I hope you enjoy my blog and I'd LOVE to hear from you!

Rosie x

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